Wireless and flexible camera system for professional needs

machineCam is the first wireless system that matches the high image quality of professional cabled systems, but with the freedom of wireless technology.

This system will offer the best of both worlds: Monitor brightness will be doubled (for problem-free usage in backlit situations) and it will offer breath taking HD monitor resolution. On the monitor, it will also be possible to select a split screen for 2 concurrent camera views in full-size format.

Easy to install - Easy to use - Wireless that works

COMPARISONmachineCamtractorCam S
Brightness of monitor 400 cd/m2 200 cd/m2
Split-Screen (2 cameras) NO
Wireless digital transmission
Suitable for reversing NO
Sound NO
Monitor sun shield included NO
Suction bracket included NO
Heater (camera) NO
Recording NO
Picture quality ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
(comparable to wired systems)
★ ★ ★
Power consumption (camera) 150 mA
(13,5 h battery time with Flexi Pack)
260 mA
(8 h battery time with Flexi Pack)


machineCam includes all you need to get started

  • Camera with 0.5 meter cable
  • 3 meter cigarette cable (when extended)
  • 3 meter direct power cable
  • 3 meter power conversion cable for camera
  • Monitor
  • Dual suction bracket
  • 5dB antenna for monitor
  • 3dB antenna for camera
  • Sun shield
  • Quick Installation Guide
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